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PODCAST: Susan Burns | What the Ecological Footprint tells us

September 12th, 2016|

By many measures, humans have shown themselves to be a pretty successful species. But we are living unsustainably. We are consuming more resources than the Earth can provide– we are in global ecological overshoot. The [...]

8 Sept.: Roadmap for ESG and Credit Ratings

September 7th, 2016|

WATCH VIDEOSusan Burns, Co-Founder of Global Footprint Network and Director of its Finance for Change Initiative, moderated this panel discussion at PRI in Person in Singapore.In his introduction, Nick Robins, co-director of the UNEP Inquiry into the [...]

Five charts that explain who gets hit hardest by food price rises

June 15th, 2016|

Global food prices will remain stable for the year ahead, suggest recent UN forecasts, but in the longer term we can expect much more volatility.That’s because the food sector is unable to cope with a [...]

New Research Launched on Food Price Shocks

June 2nd, 2016|

Environmental risks in sovereign bonds are likely to be a fast growing area of interest, according to the panelists at the launch of Global Footprint Network’s ERISC Phase II report in London.The ERISC II report, [...]

China and India’s GDP will be hit hardest by global food price shock

May 16th, 2016|

Report published by UNEP and Global Footprint Network ranks countries on the economic risks they face from a hike in food prices (London 18 May 2016) – If global food prices double, then China could [...]

Unconventional Wisdom: Climate Change Risk and Sovereign Bond Investments

May 10th, 2016|

Institutional Investor | New York By Susan Burns and Maximillian Horster A little more than a month ago after 196 countries signed a historic climate agreement in Paris at COP21, United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-Moon [...]