It’s time to incorporate climate change risk into sovereign bond investments

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ESG Magazine | London By Susan Burns and Maximillian HorsterTo date, the vast majority of investor activity around divestment has focused on equities. However, investors now realize that the global push to slash carbon emissions has major implications for the $41 trillion bond market. A large number of national economies depend heavily on carbon-intensive sectors. Staying bellow [...]

Webinar on Carbon Disclosure for Sovereign Bonds

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Listen below via YouTube to a webinar hosted by Global Footprint Network and South Pole Group January 10 on our new report, Carbon Disclosure and Climate Risk in Sovereign Bonds.  DOWNLOAD THE REPORT DOWNLOAD WEBINAR SLIDES SHARE FEEDBACK The new report outlines a methodology for investors to disclose and manage carbon exposure [...]

Global Footprint Network and South Pole Group to Offer Climate Impact Assessments

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Global Footprint Network announced an agreement with carbon footprinting provider South Pole Group to strengthen their respective offerings by collaborating on comprehensive climate and carbon impact assessment services for sovereign bond investors. The announcement follows an increasing awareness among investors about the climate change impact of their assets, and their interest in reducing related investment [...]

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Updating the rules of international finance

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By Susan Burns, CEO & Co-Founder, Global Footprint Network Tuesday, August 19, was Earth Overshoot Day, the day when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services exceeded what Earth will regenerate this year. Moving a few days earlier on the calendar each year, Earth Overshoot Day fell in early October back in the year 2000. [...]

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: The rising risk of resource constraints

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By Susan Burns, CEO & Co-Founder, Global Footprint Network In the past two years, the sovereign debt of the USA, as well as Spain, Greece, Portugal and other nations primarily in the Eurozone, were downgraded. Sovereign bonds, especially of OECD countries, have generally been considered safe securities, but that picture is now quickly changing. One [...]

The Financial Risks of Ecological Limits

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Some of the economic implications of resource constraints were introduced to the world of international finance this week in London, when Global Footprint Network and the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), in collaboration with leading financial institutions, launched the E-RISC (Environmental Risk Integration in Sovereign Credit) report at Bloomberg, a leader in global [...]

Risks to Sovereign Bonds From Overuse of Natural Resources Need Greater Attention

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London, 12 November, 2012–Consideration of environmental risks and natural resource constraints is becoming increasingly important in assessing a nation’s credit risk, according to a new report by the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and Global Footprint Network, in collaboration with leading financial institutions. On November 19, the key findings of the E-RISC: A [...]